Friday, September 10, 2010

A Winter Trip

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Two friends and I began the process today of planning a trip over the Christmas break.  We agreed on four places that we would like visit, and then each of us made a priority list that rated the four in order of our preferences.  My priorities were Thailand, followed by Taiwan, Korea, and Tokyo.  (I have been to Tokyo before, albeit forty years ago, and I suspect that during two years on Okinawa I will have other opportunities to get there.)  Next week we will meet with a travel planner on base to make a final selection and set up the details of our winter break.  We are looking at being gone four or five days total, including Christmas Day or New Year's.

The last time that I was in this part of Asia, I didn't really have the time or resources to get out and see much.  That is something that I plan to do differently this time around!  Expect to see some great photos in January!

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