Sunday, September 19, 2010

Car Facts

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

My Cube:  Note Placement of the Steering Wheel!
Not much occurring today.  I did manage to get to Gunners Gym at Camp Foster and march two miles on the treadmill - thirty-four minutes.  Still not up to my one hour, 3.75 mile standard, but definitely better than either of my performances last weekend.  There was just a hint of air-conditioning in the gym today, leading me to believe that some Marine General must have ambled through.  (Gunners is a sweat box most days - those marines don't believe in the nice things in life - like a/c!)

I picked up around the apartment and did my week's worth of dirty dishes - just a few, because I rely on paper plates and plastic utensils for most of my dining pleasure.  Episodes of Nero Wolfe were on AXN Mystery Channel most of the day, and I caught the last fifteen minutes of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert on the Fox Movie Channel.  Priscilla is Mama Mia for grown-ups!  I also read some more of my book, Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson.

Caught a Nice Reflection of Myself!
Attached is a photo of my little car, a 1998 Nissan Cube.  The Nissan Cube is one of the most popular cars on the island - and mine is one of the oldest!   Also pictured is a photo of one of my neighbor's cars with the most popular decal to grace American cars on this small island.  Probably one in ten American cars promotes the web site where military families find and get rid of their junk.  (I've heard it rumored that they become eligible for prizes for advertising the site with the over-sized decals.)   Check out Okinawa Yard Sales and let me know if you find anything that I need!

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