Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Typhoon?

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

The weekend begins - with a chance of big rain and wind.  The buzz is that another typhoon is headed this way, and while I like the excitement that the big storms bring, I really need a couple of days outside in the sunshine.

I had planned to walk to American Village this weekend, a two or three-mile stroll along the seacoast.  Once there a friend and I were going up in the Ferris Wheel and I was going to take some "aerial" views of the area that surrounds this American hangout.  Another friend who is here on a special assignment from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona had even talked of meeting us there.  It looks like that won't happen.

Plan B was that I would head to the Base Exchange at Kadena and buy one of their beautiful Turkish rugs to cover my living room floor.  I checked it out yesterday, and one of the Turks selling the rugs said that he would ride with me to my apartment so that I could get the seven-by-ten-foot floor covering upstairs and onto the floor. All he asked for his efforts was a ride back to the base - and a handsome price for his rug!  I eventually want to get smaller ones for each of the bedrooms as well.  My Turkish friend knows a good prospect when he sees one!

The Turkish rugs that I have been looking at are machine made.  The vendors also have some handmade Turkish rugs, but those are well beyond my budget!

And Plan C had to do with all of the unfinished work that I was forced to leave at the office today because one of our medical records programs went down on some of the computers - including mine!

All things considered, I would prefer the Ferris Wheel!

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