Friday, September 3, 2010

More of the Neighborhood

by Pa Rock 
Cultural Explorer

Stand of palms at the beach
It's starting to get sticky and cloudy on Okinawa, good signs that tomorrow's anticipated typhoon may actually be heading this way.  Today as I was shopping for drapes at the Base Exchange on Kadena, I had a visit with a local national lady who works at the Exchange.  She said that Okinawa had not had a typhoon in the past three years, and now it looks as though the island will have had two in one week!  I told her that I had been here for a big one in 1972, and we decided that I must be somehow responsible for this fearful weather!

Ice cream stand  near beach with windows boarded up in
anticipation of Typhoon Kompasu

I did find the drapes - but not at Kadena.  I needed four identical panels, but Kadena only had three.  I found better ones at the Post Exchange on Camp Foster, plenty of them, and they were cheaper.  It pays to shop around!  The two big sliding glass doors (one of which covers the entire wall of the living room) are now draped.  Only two more windows to go - and then I move on to rugs!

Attached are a couple of views of my neighborhood taken last Tuesday a couple of hours before the storm.

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