Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Walk to American Village

Okinawa's Famous Ferris Wheel - 500 Yen Per Passenger!
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

This afternoon I walked to American Village (about 20 minutes along the seashore) and met my friend Murphy for lunch.  We hit a couple of shops and rode the big Ferris Wheel - my first time.

While I was walking around the Village waiting on Murphy to show up, a young, very well dressed, Okinawan lad came up to me and asked to take my picture.  He snapped two.  Later, after Murphy got there, an equally young Okinawan girl came up and to take our picture.  It turns out it was some type of school project.  I was caught flat-footed both times or I would have asked to take pictures of the young photographers!

Young Man Attends the Loading and Unloading
of Passengers
I took some great photos along the beaches as I walked to American Village.  Unfortunately, I was operating without a photo card - I had left it at home in my computer.  So I had the impromptu adventure of buying a new card in an Okinawan department store.  The sales clerk handed me one in a package and collected my yen.  Fortunately I had the presence of mind to stand at the counter and try to insert the card.  It didn't fit.  He then took a closer look at my camera and came up with a different (and cheaper) card.  He spoke no English, and my Okinawan is totally non-existent, but we were able to get it figured out.  What a shame the whole world can't invest the time and patience to work with one another!

Looking Down from On High!
The Ferris Wheel was great, but our compartment shook in the constant breeze off of the East China Sea.   The Wheel is a very dominant landmark on the island.  It is on the order of the famous London Eye.

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