Tuesday, September 14, 2010

License Plates

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

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Now, I'm not saying there is a double standard in force with regard to traffic laws and situations, but it is relatively easy for local law enforcement officers to tell the difference between citizens of Okinawa and all other orientals.  They can even tell which Okinawan women are married to Americans or people of some other nationality.

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That is because the island has a two-tier license system. Okinawans, excluding those married to non-Okinawans - have a distinctive yellow license plate.  Americans and other foreign drivers have their vehicles tagged with white plates.   Some wags speculate that if a yellow plate and a white plate mix it up, the white plate is likely to lose.  I don't know that is the case, but I am smart enough to be extra-extra careful when driving in a foreign country!

Drive defensively - that is my motto - and live to gripe another day!

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