Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trip Planning Update

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Today myself and three friends met with an on-base travel planner to gather information about vacation destinations in Asia.  After much discussion, we have narrowed our trip down to either Thailand or Korea, and moved the date up to the Thanksgiving break.  (Christmas stirs too much travel, even in predominantly non-Christian countries.)  The travel agent is checking prices, and hopefully we will begin to firm arrangements later this week.

The advantages of Thailand are that it has more special activities for tourists, besides just shopping:  the temples, Bangkok, elephant rides, river rafting. great beaches, and lots of local tours.  Korea's big advantage is that it is much closer (and therefore cheaper to reach), and we could probably stay in American military guest housing.  One of my friends has been to Korea before, and has recommended a full-day excursion to the DMZ.  I think that would be a very educational side trip - literally the chance of a lifetime.

Now we are talking about going to a jazz festival over Christmas and maybe spending the holidays on one of the small local islands.

There is so much to do here!

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