Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bats the Size of Small Dogs!

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

I have heard about the bats of Okinawa ever since I arrived on the island, but until yesterday evening I did not realize just how unique (and large) these creatures are.

There is a fairly wooded area just inside of Kadena's Gate One.   I have seen large black birds flying through that area on several occasions, and at a distance they appeared to be bigger than pigeons but smaller than vultures. Yesterday, one of these creatures, flying low, came straight at my car - and to my surprise, it was a bat, a really big bat!  In fact, it looked like a black chihuahua, on the meaty side, with about a sixteen-inch wingspan!

At least now I understand why there seem to be no mosquitoes on Okinawa.   These flying rodents are huge!

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