Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Bother Knockin' Because This Joint's a-Rockin'!

by Pa Rock
Typhoon Chaser

I was up and out of the apartment by 0600 hours this morning headed for work in the dark.  We were at Typhoon Level One - winds of 65 mph or more - along with blowing rain - but Kadena Air Base was still planning work as usual.  The schools did close, but the Air Base tries to function until the level changes to 1-C (caution) where the winds increase to 75 mph.   We had a couple of meetings, cancelled appointments, and wrapped all of the computers and other electronics in trash bags before finally being sent home at 0900 hours.

Typhoon Chaba is rocking and rolling outside, and I am safely back home watching it blow across the island from my sixth story vantage point!

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