Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Night Market

Night Market Near Araha Beach
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Today was a day of walking.  I logged thirty-five minutes of huffing and puffing on the treadmill at Gunner's Field House this morning before it shut down.  The last time one of their treadmills quit on me - again at 35 minutes - I had walked 2.03 miles.  Today I had accomplished a bit more at 2.06 miles.  I have a theory that they set the machines to begin the five-minute cool off at thirty minutes during times of heavy usage.  If I go back tomorrow afternoon when there will be fewer people at the gym, the same treadmill will probably let me do the full hour.
Vendors Selling Wares at Night Market

After leaving the gym I drove to the big Shopette on Camp Foster where I found a book for my oldest grandson (It will go out in the mail on Monday, Boone) and a movie for myself - Dorian Gray - the remake of an old film based on the book by Oscar Wilde.  I may just have to watch it tomorrow.

Walking resumed after I got home from Camp Foster.  With camera in tow, I hoofed it off to American Village, following the paved path that runs beside the coastline.  I snapped a few pictures along the way and at the Village, then went to the big grocery and department store, Jusco, where I bought a few things to send home in Christmas packages -  and a few postcards.  I also treated myself to one rich scoop of ice cream at Jusco.  None of the flavors were labeled in English, so I chose what appeared to be Butter Pecan.  It turned out to be some coffee-flavored concoction, but it wasn't too bad.

Everything's a Bargain at the Night Market!
Tonight I walked to the Night Market, an open-air flea market that covers the better part of two blocks.  It is about three blocks from my apartment, and it is open on weekend evenings.  I didn't buy anything, but some pictures are attached.

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