Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Quiet

At Lunch with a Spectacular View of the
East China Sea
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

After ten hours on the road yesterday, it felt good to sleep in this morning.  The weather is starting to cool down a little, and I have a couple of windows open for the breeze that comes in off of the sea.  It is wonderful sleeping weather!

I talked to two of my kids today (and the third one yesterday) and spoke to my two oldest grandsons.  Boone, age 11, had been deer hunting with his other grandfather, but didn't see any deer.  Deer hunting season is a big cultural event in southern Missouri where Boone lives - they even close the schools for a few days every deer season.

Tonight is officially Halloween, and I have not had any trick-or-treaters.  Last night when my friends and I got back to Kadena, the little tricksters and their parents were out in force.

Attached are a couple of more photos from yesterday.
Water Buffalo Pulling a Cane Press at the
Okinawan Cultural Center

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