Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Morning Drive

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

I left my apartment a little before noon today with the intent of paying my electric bill and then going to Gunners Fitness Center on Camp Foster.  It was a sound plan, but just didn't come together like I had envisioned.

I drove north along a back road, one I had never traveled before, and somehow pulled back out onto Highway 58 one block north of Lawson's Convenience Store - the place where electric bills are paid.  After going a few miles out of my way, I circled back and found the store.  The sales clerk spoke absolutely no English, but when I handed her what I believed to be my electric bill, she shook her head vigorously "no" and showed me an example of the real bill.  The one that I had was smaller.  It said KWH (kilowatt hours?) in English and had what appeared to have a total due of just over 10,000 yen (about a hundred and twenty dollars).  Upon reflection, I remember getting some sort of "pre-bill" last month, too.  That's either what it is, or I owe some other vendor 10,000 yen.

When I arrived at Gunners Fitness Center, almost every space in the large parking lot was full.  I usually go on Sunday's when the lot is practically empty.  I didn't know what was going on today, but I did know that I didn't want hundreds of people watching me huff and puff on the treadmill!  (If those marines want a good laugh, they can go to a comedy club!)

I did use my unplanned free time to explore more of Camp Foster.  I found their larger Shopette - the one with the Class Six (liquor) store and the Taco Bell.  I bought a couple of movies (something that I never do) at the Shopette, and went home to veg out!  More on those movies in tomorrow's Ramble!

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