Monday, October 18, 2010

Sayonara Soft Bank

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

I lost my cell phone last weekend, not a huge loss because I seldom used it, but a concern none-the-less because if someone found it and decided to make calls, it would cost me 42 cents a minute to pay for their air larceny.

There are two cell phone providers on the island - Soft Bank and AU.  My phone was a Soft Bank for which I paid $11.00 a month, the absolute cheapest plan available.  I didn't learn until after signing my agreement with Soft Bank that it is basically worthless in some locations - such as the building that I work in.  In order to make a call from work, I had to go stand in front of the building.

Today I tried to suspend my Soft Bank service, but it turned into such a problematic affair that I wound up cancelling.  I may eventually try AU which apparently is more expensive but has better coverage, or I may just rely on email to keep in contact with my friends here on the island.  I think that I may wind up liking the freedom of not being leashed to a phone!

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